Specialized in Treating Anxiety and Depression


Tracey Ward

Hello, my name is Tracey Ward. I am a fully accredited cognitive behavioural therapist. I practice in Ulverston, Kendal and Lancaster under the name ‘Insight CBT.’

Cognitive behavioural therapy is built upon the idea that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected. Often, we can do little to change the world around us, but we can change the way we think about ourselves and our world and we can also change what we do, or do not do in relation to our world. Cognitive behavioural therapy has been supported by hundreds of clinical trials and is the therapy of choice, set out by the government for a range of difficulties.


My background is as a CBT therapist in the NHS. During that time, I was proud to be part of many clients’ recoveries. In relation to my personal belief. I believe that because we are all human, we all have a combination of life experiences and biology. I believe in helping people to live the best life they can, given their life experiences and biology. I believe in what I do.


My speciality is in treating anxiety and depression, this includes: perfectionism, stress, work related stress, panic, chronic worry, trauma and PTSD, OCD, health anxiety, body dysmorphia, phobias and social anxiety.  


Outside of work I enjoy nature, travel and seeing the differences between different walks of life.

Thank you for reading

Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Tracey Ward PGDip CBT (Accredited) 

Ulverston Business Centre

New Market Street,

Ulverston, LA12 7LQ


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